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The marathon of Palestine is a special marathon. It is organized with a statement in mind: freedom of movement. What seems to be a basic human right, is impossible for people in Palestine. They can’t move freely for 42 kilometers. This is why the route of this marathon takes us back and forth.


The marathon of Palestine 2019 will take place on March 22nd in Bethlehem. Run4 Foundation will travel to Palestine with a group of approximately 8 people. But we will not travel as a group and we will not advertise our participation.


All of our runners and ambassadors and supporters will ask for your donation in the time ahead. So how will we spend your money?

Abwein Sportsclub

Abwein Sports club was established in 1975 in order to facilitate sports and cultural activities for the youth of the surrounding area. The club consists of a building, a playground and a football field.

Renovation of the club

The renovation of the sports club can be divided into several different projects:

Football field

We’d love to get this football field fully operational again, because it will serve kids and grown-ups from the entire area. It needs ground rehabilitation, artificial grass, fences, goals and lights. 


We want to educate trainers, so that they can provide boys and girls with a decent football training.

Club premises

The premises needs a humidity treatment, as the club now experiences severe leakage and water damage whenever it starts raining. 


The playground needs an overall makeover, with new equipment and child friendly ground. 


Because of the beautiful community function the existing football field can fulfill our humble requirements, we prioritize the renovation of the field. Currently we are looking for decent prices and possibilities and we will update as soon possible. Whenever you make an independent donation we will use it for this purpose. But of course we also welcome donations in kind, or full project adoption. Please contact us any time!

Football Team Abwein Sportsclub Palestine // Run4 Foundation // Stichting Run4

Football team for boys Abwein club

Leakage in Abwein Sportsclub Palestine // Run4 Foundation // Stichting Run4

Leakage problems inside the premises

Alwein Football Field // Run4

Football field on sand base

Playground in poor condition