Abwein Football Club - Palestine :: Run4 Foundation

Run4 was founded in December 2018, inspired by the general interest for the plan from our first campaign: “THE MARATHON OF PALESTINE”. However many new plans are following very soon.

Al Salam Sports Club in Gaza

Al Salam Sport Club (Sports Club for Peace) is a sports club for disabled people in Gaza City. With a much larger number of people with amputated limbs than in other societies, Al Salam Club is more than just a sports club. They play an important role in the psycho social revalidation process of their members. Read more –

Marathon of Palestine

The marathon of Palestine 2019 will take place on March 22nd in Bethlehem. Run4 Foundation will travel to Palestine with a group of approximately 8 people. But we will not travel as a group and we will not advertise our participation. The Marathon of Palestine is a special marathon. It is organized with a statement in mind: freedom of movement. What seems to be a basic human right, is impossible for people in Palestine. They can’t move freely for 42 kilometers. This is why the route of this marathon takes us back and forth. Read more –

Run 4 Palestine (in the Netherlands)

As many people would love to run for Palestine, but not all of them can actually travel to Palestine, Run4 Foundation will organize a Run 4 Palestine in the Netherlands. Open to anyone who wants to act against apartheid run for freedom for all. Read more –

Football in the Lebanese Camps

Some Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon have existed ever since the ‘YOUM AL NAKBA’, day of the catastrophe, 15th of May 1948. This is the date Palestinians were displaced to create the state of Israel in the aftermath of the Second World War. For generations, these refugees remain without a passport and many basic human necessities. We believe sports may add a lot of value to the lives of these people that live without hope for better. This is why we will invest in proper sports facilities inside the Palestinian camps. Read more –