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Run4 strives to enhance the quality of life of people in poverty, refugee camps or occupied territories through sports. Working on the physical and psychological mindset of youth who were not fortunate enough to grow in normal circumstance because of their identity. Creating a healthy, tolerant and ambitious mindset.

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We Love Sports

An important fact about sports is that it is not influenced by language, color, religion or geopolitical location, everywhere we go in the world, we see the connection it makes between people of different faiths colors and ethnicities, we make new friends through sports.

Sports is bigger than politics. Sports creates an irreversible bond between the humankind. It doesn’t matter what party we belong to, or what religion we choose. We find each other in the healthy lifestyle and loving spirit.

We believe it is a moral human responsibility to share wealth, health and compassion. Everyone should have the opportunity to do sports, to move, to get better, to have a goal and to be able to thrive. To get to know the liberating mindset of sports at least. Because within our passion to share a talent or activity, we are at utmost internal harmony.

Run4 is from the people that love sports to the people who love sports. Let us share our wealth with the ones that are lacking. Let us give something back. 

Sponsors and Ambassadors

The potential that our sponsors who boarded this mission create is unimaginable and infinite. Great individuals and institutions have already given us their blessing. We will soon update this information. All of our runners and ambassadors and supporters will ask for your donation in the time ahead.